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[fancy_header type=”3″]Who we are[/fancy_header] [parallax_quote author=”Amphibi Studio”] We are a multimedia studio who produces audiovisual works with animation and videographic approach. Amphibi Studio was founded by Bandung creative youths in 2012, with the spirit of collaboration. Officially, we started producing audiovisual works in 2013 and actively became the part of Bandung creative industry.[/parallax_quote][/full_width_color] [toggle title=”Our Value” open=”0″]We believe that simplicity in audiovisual work is the key of effectiveness. We will convert any complex messages and information into a simple visual storytelling that full of joy and happiness. The goal is to conveying message in effective and entertaining way.[/toggle] [toggle title=”Perspective” open=”0″]We believe that audiovisual work is one of the most appropriate ways to deliver message to people. We believe that great audiovisual work is innovative, insightful, unique, and has its own novelty. We are combining various creative techniques in audiovisual scope. We use traditional animation (hand drawing), experimental animation (property-making), motion design (2D) and videography. We believe that great audiovisual works will deliver happiness to people. [/toggle]